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CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE?S NEW ESTIMATE ON HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE AFTER OBAMACARE REPEAL BILL Comes out to 23 million people losing insurance. And here?s where Senate Republicans stand on the health care bill negotiations. [HuffPost]

MONTANA GOP CANDIDATE CHARGED WITH MISDEMEANOR ASSAULT For reportedly ?body-slamming? a reporter on Election Day eve. And here?s why this Montana race matters for candidates in the Trump era. [HuffPost]

UK REPORTEDLY STOPPED SHARING INTELLIGENCE WITH U.S. ON MANCHESTER CASE After U.S. leaks to the media. And here?s what we know so far on the possible terror network involved in the Monday attack. [HuffPost]

RUSSIAN OFFICIALS TALKED ABOUT HOW TO SWAY TRUMP AIDES ?Three American officials told The New York Times that Russian officials discussed how to influence top advisers to Donald Trump?s presidential campaign last summer. The report, based on intelligence gathered by U.S. spies, says Russian intelligence and political officials sought to sway Trump through Paul Manafort, his campaign manager at the time, and Michael Flynn, the retired general advising Trump?s campaign on foreign policy issues.? [HuffPost]

ADVERTISERS HAVE BEGUN PULLING ADS FROM SEAN HANNITY?S FOX NEWS SHOW Following controversy over his coverage of the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Hannity is calling it ?the kill shot.? [HuffPost]

A U.S. WARSHIP SAILED WITHIN 12 MILES OF A CHINA-CLAIMED REEF This is the first challenge of its kind to Beijing under President Trump. [Reuters]

YES, THE POPE TROLLED THE TRUMPS First, there was the photo. Then there was the question about Melania?s cooking. And finally, he gave Trump his encyclical on climate change. [HuffPost]


WHY TELEGRAM IS THE APP OF CHOICE FOR ISIS ?Since around 2015, analysts say there has been an exodus of extremists to the app in search of better privacy and the freedom from being shut down by moderators. ? [HuffPost]

UBER: WHOOPS, WE ACCIDENTALLY SHORTED DRIVERS TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS The average New York City driver should receive about $900. [HuffPost]

?I ATE MY PLACENTA AND DIDN?T FEEL ANY DIFFERENT? What you need to know about placenta pills. [HuffPost]

WE FINALLY HAVE A ?GAME OF THRONES? TRAILER And it has some glorious dragon scenes, the return of our favorites and the usual warnings about winter ? 52 days people. [HuffPost]

ELLEN HAS BEEN KILLING THE GAME LATELY She announced she?ll be doing a standup special for Netflix AND gave Andy Cohen a custom RompHim, which was as great as you?d imagine. [HuffPost]

UNDERSTANDING THE YOUTHS? OBSESSION WITH SNAPSTREAKS This is a real, albeit ridiculous, thing. [WSJ | Paywall]


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There’s A Big Difference Between A Plant-Based Diet And A Vegan Diet

Reducetarian, flexitarian, vegetarian ? there?s a diet out there for everyone. That?s why it?s more important than ever to make sure we get it all straight.

One diet (or lifestyle) that?s been gaining in popularity among nutritionists, celebrities and millennials is the plant-based diet. The diet mostly appeals to anyone who?s looking to live a healthier lifestyle, but its smaller environmental footprint makes it particularly appealing to millennials.

If you?ve heard people talking about a plant-based diet, you may have thought this was basically just another word for veganism, but you?d be wrong. Really wrong. And we?re going to explain why.

Vegans abstain from eating any animal products. According to The Vegan Society, ?Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.? This means that many vegans also don?t purchase leather goods. But it doesn?t necessarily mean they?re eating lots of plant-based meals. Vegans could get through life eating processed foods and snubbing their veggies just like anyone else. Think potato chips, gummy candy, and even Oreos.

A plant-based diet, on the other hand, emphasizes eating whole fruits and vegetables, consuming lots of whole grains, and staying away from (or at least minimizing) the intake of animal products and processed foods for health reasons. That means that even vegan desserts made with refined sugar or bleached flour are out.

There are no strict guidelines or definitions for what constitute a plant-based diet other than focusing on eating lots of fresh produce and minimally processed foods. Some people on a plant-based diet don?t eat any animal products, while others will eat a restricted amount. It?s flexible in that way, but strict in its focus on eating whole foods.

We?re not saying that a vegan can?t be on a plant-based diet or vice versa, but the two are not interchangeable and we want to make sure you know it. 

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