Study Confirms That Most American Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

A new study has found that a vast majority of American women have experienced sexual harassment, from catcalling to unwanted touching.

Researchers at Harvard University surveyed more than 3,000 high school students and young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 in a study about healthy sexual relationships and sexual harassment prevention.

In the study, called ?The Talk,? researchers discovered that 87 percent of young women have had to endure sexual harassment in its many forms. The study also found that, though most women have been sexually harassed and more than half of the men surveyed admitted to having harassed a woman before, almost half of all people surveyed ?don?t see certain types of gender-based degradation and subordination as problems in our society.? 

The study connected these statistics to the greater issue of sexual violence and campus rape culture, as well as conversations that students are ? or aren?t ? having with parents and educators about healthy sexual relationships, consent, and ethical behavior. According to the study, failures in sex education, as well as lack of conversation about sexuality in the home, are leading young people astray when it comes to respectful sexual behavior.

Researchers found that 76 percent of young people haven?t had conversations with their parents about healthy sexual and romantic relationships, but that almost the same amount, 70 percent, wish that they would have. 

Danielle Lucksted, Prevention and Education Program Manager at Safe Haven Ministries in Grand Rapids, Mich., told HuffPost that young people should be engaging in conversations about respectful sex and relationships at a young age.

?To me, as a sexual and dating violence prevention educator, the ?sex talk? falls under a larger umbrella of talking to kids about relationships in general, and this is something that should start as early as possible,? she said. ?I?m talking toddler-age. There is no age that is too early to start teaching kids about things like body boundaries, respect, asking permission, and letting them know that they can come to us (as positive adult role models) if they are ever made to feel uncomfortable.?

Lucksted also said that when these conversations don?t occur in the home or at school, young people absorb societal messages instead ? and those messages aren?t always positive or healthy. 

?The unfortunate reality is that if parents aren?t initiating conversations with their children or allowing experts to talk to their kids while at school, they are learning about sex from their television, their peers, or possibly pornography,? she said.

And the stats certainly back this up. Research has shown that abstinence-only education (in which topics of consent and healthy relationships and sexuality are left out of the conversation entirely) results in more unwanted pregnancies and STIs, and that abstinence-only attitudes can do incredible damage to survivors of sexual violence or harassment. 

As researchers in the Harvard study put it, ?it is imperative that parents and sex educators proactively address healthy relationships with young people and that parents and other adults intervene when they witness degrading words or behavior. Silence can be understood as permission.? 

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Need help? Visit RAINN?s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center?s website.

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James Comey Reportedly Tried To Blend Into The Curtains So Trump Wouldn’t Spot Him

Former FBI Director James Comey was once so uncomfortable about meeting President Donald Trump that he once tried to blend into the White House curtains to avoid being noticed, The New York Times reported Thursday. 

Benjamin Wittes, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a Comey friend, told the Times of a January White House ceremony to thank law enforcement for providing security at the inauguration.

The newspaper reported: 

?Mr. Comey ? who is 6 feet 8 inches tall and was wearing a dark blue suit that day ? told Mr. Wittes that he tried to blend in with the blue curtains in the back of the room, in the hopes that Mr. Trump would not spot him and call him out.?

It didn?t work.

Trump not only spotted Comey, he called to him by name and appeared to blow him a kiss. He also beckoned Comey over for a handshake ? but the then-FBI director was ?determined? not to hug him, Wittes said. 

That led to another awkward moment.

?It was bad enough there was going to be a handshake. And Comey has long arms so Comey said he preemptively reached out for a handshake and grabbed the president?s hand,? Wittes was quoted as saying. ?But Trump pulled him into an embrace and Comey didn?t reciprocate. If you look at the video, it?s one person shaking hands and another hugging.? 

Trump fired Comey last week. Trump said it was at least in part due to the FBI director?s Russia investigation. 

The news about Comey trying to blend into the curtains was met with no small amount of amusement on social media: 


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8 Healthy Habits Of Couples Who Attend Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy isn?t just for couples in dire straits. In fact, therapists say that going early on ? and continuing to go ? can help spouses stay happy and in love. 

What healthy habits do couples who attend therapy practice? Below, eight tips from married folks who swear by marriage therapy. 

1. Recognize when you?re telling a ?story.?

?The first time we went to therapy as an engaged couple, I perched on the couch and eagerly told my side of events in one fell swoop. Then I sat back and waited for the therapist to respond, which basically just meant I wanted her to side with me. Sometimes we tell ourselves stories that may or may not be accurate because we want things to be or sound a certain way. We want to be viewed as the main character (aka the most important one). The thing is, in a healthy relationship, both people are equally important and both sides of a story matter. These days, I try really hard to notice when I?m building a narrative and make sure it aligns with what?s real. I recognize that my husband?s ?story? may be as legitimate as my own.? ? Julia Dellitt, a writer, editor and yoga teacher

2. Listen more than you talk. 

?I am a talker. Therapy has taught me and my husband to listen more than talk. Active listening helps us to feel heard and understood. This is a practice we use everyday. We strive to listen, be attentive and validate feelings. After we both settle down we are able to work on the root issues and make a plan. It builds more trust.? ?Mikki Bey Crawford, writer at Dope Elope

3. Create couple time, even if it means waking up earlier.

?Through [going to therapy with my wife], I?ve learned that date nights and scheduled time together creates structure and improves emotional engagement. More importantly, it builds a sense of togetherness. One of my favorites? Wake up ten minutes early in the morning to connect ? cuddle with each other. Whether it leads to sex or not, the morning sets an atmosphere for a loving day.? ? Moshe Ratson, a marriage and family therapist in New York City 

4. Don?t assume you know everything about your partner.

?My husband and I have been together five years now and sometimes it?s tempting to assume I know everything there is to know about him ? which isn?t true ? especially when it comes to conflict. I remember going to therapy once and thinking, ?Oh, this is what he?s going to say and I bet he wants to handle it this way.? Then the conversation started and I realized I was way off, because he is his own person with his own thoughts and feelings. Remember to be open minded and give your partner space to be a nuanced individual, for better or worse.? ? Julia Dellitt

5. Give up the right to be right. 

?I feel I am usually right, although I sometimes let my husband think he is. While the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of us, we have learned not to allow the need to assert our ?rightness? get in the way of loving each other. Who cares who is right?? ?Mikki Bey Crawford

6. Call a timeout if things are getting too intense. 

?This is a ground rule to avoid escalation. If for whatever reason a discussion or disagreement escalates to a high degree and you feel overwhelmed, you have the right to ask for a ?timeout.? Feel free to say, ?this isn?t a good time, I feel overwhelmed and need a break.? But be sure to reschedule time to talk about the subject within 24-48 hours.?  ? Moshe Ratson

7. You can be honest now or honest later but eventually, you have to tell the truth if you want to move on.

?I?m a people-pleaser at heart, so in relationships I frequently feel the need to hide information. Why? I want everyone to like me. I quickly learned in therapy there?s no other path forward but an honest one. You?re actually wasting time and money if you show up to a counseling session without being willing to share your truth. There?s no need to be bluntly honest 24/7, but when you?re having an issue with the person you love, it?s better to deal with it sooner or later. Addressing the problem immediately in a compassionate way, rather than procrastinating a conversation, is the fastest way to start getting back on track.?? Julia Dellitt

8. When all else fails, give each other hug or a kiss. 

?Therapy has emphasized the importance of physical touch our marriage. It is healing. When all else fails kiss. It works like a charm.? ? Mikki Bey Crawford

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28 Couples Boudoir Photos That Capture The Steamier Side Of Love

Solo boudoir photo shoots can be steamy, but couples boudoir shoots are double the fun.

These days, more couples are putting on sexy outfits, stripping down to their undies or ? if they feel so inclined ? going buck naked for a photo shoot that?s all about kindling passion and keeping their connection strong. 

?With couples boudoir, it?s all about the connection the couple shares in the present,? wedding and boudoir photographer Mike Allebach wrote in a blog for Offbeat Bride. ?We take the love, feelings and emotions of the couple and make them come to life on camera.?

Below, we?ve rounded up 28 boudoir photos from real couples that beautifully capture the sensual side of love. 

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Kindergarten Teacher Explains Online Dating To Her Class

Ms. Jessie is back, and this time she?s explaining to her kindergartners the ins and outs of online dating. Whether it?s Tinder or Bumble, dating in the digital age is full of pitfalls, but these youngsters have a knowledgable teacher.

Jessie Jolles of comedy duo Soren & Jolles has a few dating app jingles to prepare her class for the brutal and unforgiving landscape of online dating.

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This Is The ‘Secret’ To Brian Austin Green And Megan Fox’s Marriage

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have been together for 13 years, and they?re clear-eyed when it comes to what makes a marriage work.

?I don?t know what the secret is. Just stick it out. Like fighting and making up, believing in each other,? Green told People magazine at the Women?s Choice Awards on Wednesday. ?I?ve dated people before and you kind of get to that point where you go, ?You know what, I don?t feel the same way,? and I?ve never reached that with her.?

?I mean we fight, we disagree on things,? he added. ?But I don?t want to go anywhere and she doesn?t, you know? So we stick it out.?

The pair, who have three children together, married in 2010 and split in 2015, when Fox filed for divorce citing ?irreconcilable differences.? The two reconciled last year while Fox was pregnant with their third child. 

While Fox has not spoken publicly about her relationship recently, in a 2014 Cosmo interview she echoed a similar sentiment. 

?You have to be with someone who loves you at your absolute worst, because you can?t be an actress every moment of the day forever,? she said. ?Brian and I have done everything you can do to ruin a relationship and we still love each other. I don?t want to be boastful and say that we would never divorce, but I can?t imagine a scenario we couldn?t work through.?

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Police Investigating Soundgarden Singer Chris Cornell’s Death As A Possible Suicide

Detroit police are investigating the death of musician Chris Cornell, 52, as a ?possible suicide,? police spokesman Michael Woody told The Associated Press Thursday morning. 

The Soundgarden singer was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of a hotel room at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit early Thursday night. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, according to The New York Times. 

?When the units arrived they were met by a gentleman who indicated that Chris Cornell had been found in his room,? Woody said. ?When officers went to the room they found Chris Cornell laying [sic] in his bathroom, unresponsive and he had passed away.?

?We are investigating it as a possible suicide but we need to wait on the medical examiner to determine the cause and manner of death,? he added. 

Woody said there were ?basic things observed at the scene? that led police to conduct an investigation but could not provide further details at this time. 

?We are at the beginning stages of the investigation and we can?t say anything about the scene,? Woody said.

Cornell?s wife had called a friend and asked that he check on Cornell after he performed at the Fox Theatre earlier in the night. The friend proceeded to force open the door and find the singer in the bathroom, leading to an anonymous call to 911 for help.

If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-8255 for the

Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
You can also text HELLO to 741-741 for free,
24-hour support from the
Crisis Text Line.
Outside of the U.S., please
visit the International Association for
Suicide Prevention
for a database
of resources.

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